Hotel Costes Restaurant
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Location Hotel Costes / Paris / FRA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


A succession of cozy dining rooms, a famous ”5-star” chimney, long galleries bathed in light, where you can see without being seen, and of course, the terrace, an Italian-style patio, which has become one of the places to be in Paris… At Hotel Costes, meals are served all hours of the day and night. Jean-Louis Costes has created a menu that includes his favorite dishes. The results? Simple, fresh, and compelling, the restaurant’s traditional gastronomy combined with a contemporary gourmet approach has proven to be a booming success. The menu at this new generation gastronomic restaurant offers an eclectic range of “signature” dishes made using seasonal ingredients: delectable asparagus for a light lunch, "foie gras" that may be shared by two guests as a delightful snack as well as the ‘tigre qui pleure’ marinated beef dish or the magnificent veal chop (limousine breed with full traceability) for an epicurean dinner. Enjoy dining while listening to DJ sets that create a relaxed and glamorous musical atmosphere.


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