Cetli Restaurant
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Location Cetli / Tulum / MEX
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


There’s no need to venture all the way to Oaxaca for the perfect mole, as Chef Claudia Perez Rivas cooks up an excellent version of the dish at her Tulum-based restaurant, Cetli. Located on a quiet side street in downtown Tulum Pueblo, Cetli offers an intimate and authentic Mexican setting for a unique, candlelit dinner. A native of Puebla, Rivas describes the process of creating the dish as a labor of love and prepares the mole entirely by hand on her Great Grandmothers stone matate. Patrons are first offered an array of moles to sample in wooden spoons. After deciding on a favorite, the mole is then accompanied with its respective fish or meat pairing.

As you wait for your dish to be prepared, tamarindo margaritas can be enjoyed over the house appetizer of freshly baked bread, cheeses and salsas.

Casa de las Olas collaborates with Cetli on their annual Eat Retreat, where guests are given the opportunity to cook alongside Rivas and learn the secrets to making traditional, handmade mole from scratch and immerse themselves in the history of the Mexican culture. Think: Like Water for Chocolate.


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