BAK’ by Harry’s
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Location BAK' by Harry's - Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar / Tulum / MEX
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment



At BAK’ by Harry’s the five keepers of the celestial vault come together as a tribute to the Mayan culture and Tulum’s community, presenting the best meat cuts in the world and the most exotic products under the sea waters.

Nestled in the heart of the Tulum’s Hotel Zone, BAK’ by Harry’s culinary proposal provides some of the finest meat cuts in the world, including certified Japanese Kobe Beef, Australian Black Onyx and USDA PRIME; as well as some of the most exotic treasures that can be found under the seawaters.

Thousands of years ago the land that we know as Tulum, bore the name Zama which means “when the sun goes down”. This ancient town was guardian of the four elements and protector of the Sacred Fire (Ka’ak). Unfortunately, this town was displaced and destroyed by the arrival of foreigners, the few surviving guardians are sheltered in the underground hidden in rivers under earth.

This old town was guided and protected by Kauil god of fire, father and mother of the human race, who manifests in sacred spaces to elevate the spirit and energy of those who are in it.

At BAK’ by Harry’s we receive Kauil humbly at the Cha’an Ka’ak ceremony, that provides energy that purifies our soul and protect us with the Sacred Fire. Every night from Wednesday to Sunday at 10 pm


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