Delano Beach Club is the perfect hot spot to go during bathing suit season. But, it’s always bathing suit season in Miami.

Located in the Delano Hotel on the famed Collins Avenue, Delano Beach Club attracts both jet setters looking to stay at a luxury hotel in Miami, as well as the locals. While the beautiful sprawling pool is certainly inviting during the day, there is also a night scene here. Before sunset, the cabanas and pool are private to hotel guests only, providing the perfect place to lounge, have a cocktail, and get a nice shimmer for the evening festivities.

The decor of the beach club is crisp, clean, and white: white lounge chairs, white umbrellas, and white cabanas. Greenery lines the outside of the pool - perfectly manicured shrubbery that is bursting with fresh, green color. Ivy lines the facade of the hotel that sits adjacent to the pool, and large windows peek through at the sunlight. Immense palm trees wallow atop all else on either side of the water, as they stagger between each white umbrella. Aesthetically, the venue is beyond elegant, and the appeal can only do it justice in person.

Though the outdoor scene is the perfect spot for a day bash, after sunset is when Delano Beach Club opens to the public. Because the weather is always so beautiful, you can lounge in the cabanas with a fruity cocktail, or mingle amongst the trendy Miami crowd.

Though they are known for their notorious Sunday pool parties, there is also a Tuesday event that frequents the best looking party go-ers in Miami. Garnished with an extensive BBQ, people go to eat delicious bites, drink specialty cocktails, and more than anything else - look fabulous.

Just recently, Delano Beach Club started hosting a Full Moon Party once a month. People flock to play with glow-in-the-dark beach balls and to get their bodies painted by an onsite artist, all the while, people splash in the pool under the fullmoon, and dancers perform in the water.

If you can’t make it to Thailand for their infamous Full Moon Party, the one at Delano Beach Club is probably the next best thing: get loose, get wild, and get wet. And a word of advice to the men of Miami: isn’t it said that women get frisky on the full moon?

Afterall, life's better in a bikini.