If you’re disappointed that you were born a whole generation too late for Studio 54, here’s the good news: there’s a somewhat modern day version of the famed venue located right in Miami. Co-founder of the original nightclub, Ian Schrager has recently open Basement Miami, a fun, funky spot in South beach created to draw unpretentious crowds who are just looking to have a good time.

Basement Miami’s nightclub is adorned with a glitzy disco ball in the center of the room; anyone and everyone is invited to the dance floor where the regular party goers and visitors alike can break in their heels for the night. Attached is a glowing lounge with long, elegant white leather couches situated around small metallic tables. The crowd here won’t be as homogeneous as some of the other Miami nightclubs: with no little red velvet ropes or bouncers who only allow in models, the party itself sets the atmosphere more than the people do.

Oh, and did we forget to mention, there’s also an ice skating rink and bowling alley? Renowned designer, Patrick Woodroffe, known as the light creator for Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga concerts, also created the flashy lights in both sections of this venue. The ice skating room sets a winter wonderland feel with its light blue hue and splashed pinks throughout the night.

The bowling alley is small, but appropriate for the space. With custom, hand painted bowling balls, and mirror lined walls to give the optical illusion that there are more lanes than there actually are, taking a bowling break from dancing will feel intimate and fun. Stimulating, inspiring, and always entertaining, Basement Miami is the perfect glitter jungle for any club-goer who’s still just a child at heart.

With no cover upon entrance, the owners of the venue are trying to emphasize the grooviness of the club: not every nightclub needs to be about bending over backwards at the door, and breaking your entire bank account once you’re inside. Your night here will be pretty affordable with fairly priced drinks, and a grand emphasis on having good old, simple fun.

The disco era was about openness, love, and freedom - unity, and getting involved. It wanted everyone at the scene to contribute to the party with energy, not only money. Rawr. At Basement Miami, there are only good vibes to bring.